Algernon - Rule-Based Programming

The Algernon rule-based inference system is now implemented in Java and interfaced with Protege. Algernon performs forward and backward rule-based processing of frame-based knowledge bases, and efficiently stores and retrieves information in ontologies and knowledge bases.

Algernon is available under the MPL open source license.

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Algernon in Java History

Algernon was developed by James Crawford and Ben Kuipers at the University of Texas at Austin Computer Sciences Department in the early 1990s. In the late 1990s it was reimplemented on top of a virtual machine for rule-based reasoning called the Algernon Abstract Machine (AAM), designed by Micheal Hewett.

During the Fall of 2002, Micheal Hewett at Stanford University reimplemented Algernon in Java as described on this page.


From 2002-2003 Algernon development and distribution was supported by the NIH/NIGMS Pharmacogenetics Research Network and Database (U01GM61374) in the context of the Pharmacogenetics Knowledge Base.

Starting in 2004, Algernon development is being supported by Hewett Research.

Author: Micheal Hewett
Last Updated: Monday, June 06, 2005