Algernon Tutorial

These slides provide a brief tutorial to Algernon. The user should already know a bit about rule-based reasoning and be familiar with a frame-based KBMS such as Protégé.

The tutorial slides use the Newspaper example KB that is supplied with every release of Protégé. The Newspaper KB was relatively unchanged until 7 Feb 2003 when it was extensively updated in Protégé release 1.8beta build 1030. These tutorial slides currently use the version of the Newspaper KB in use before build 1030.

Class 1: Foundations

  1. Uses of Algernon
  2. Paths, clauses and relations
  3. Ground and non-ground clauses
  4. Bindings, Binding Lists and Binding Sets
  5. Success and failure of clauses
  6. Syntax Summary
  7. Simple queries
  8. Simple assertions
  9. Running Algernon

Class 2: Beginning Algernon

  1. Continuing with queries
  2. Type checking
  3. Utility routines
  4. Macros involving classes and instances
  5. Creating classes, instances and relations
  6. Deleting classes, instances and relations

Class 3: Intermediate Algernon

  2. Introduction to rules
  3. Forward-chaining rules
  4. Backward-chaining rules

Class 4: Advanced Algernon: Designing and Implementing a Rule-Based System

  1. Customer billing in the Newspaper example
  2. Requirements
  3. System Design

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Author: Micheal Hewett
Last Updated: Monday, June 06, 2005