Creates a taxonomy of classes, subclasses and instances from one compact form.


(class ...)
The tree of classes, subclasses and instances.


                    (Length_Units millimeter centimeter meter)
                    (Volume_Units milliliter centiliter liter)

Success criteria

The root of the hierarchy must already exist, however it does not have to be the root of the entire pre-existing taxonomy of classes. Succeeds if each class or instance can be found or created.

Failure criteria

Fails if a class or instance can not be created.


In normal usage, the root class in the :TAXONOMY command is a leaf class of the existing taxonomy of classes.

Elements of the hierarchy that match the existing hierarchy are not duplicated.

Subclasses always have a preceding left parenthesis. Instances never directly follow a left parenthesis. The syntax is:
 (class (subclass1 instance1 instance2 ...)
        (subclass3 instance3 instance4 ...))

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