Adds a KB to the default KB set at runtime.


A name by which you can refer to this KB later.
Protege is the only type supported right now.
Arguments needed by the KB class to open the Kb. Currently this is the pathname of the ".pprj" file for a Protege KB.


  (:USE-KB :KB1 Protege "mypath/MyKB.pprj")

Success criteria

Always succeeds.

Failure criteria

Never fails.


The mapping from the KB type (e.g. Protege) to the appropriate KB backend class (e.g. AlgernonProtegeKB) is specified in the algernon.properties file (which is not currently used). The properties file will support backends other than Protege in some future release.

KBs are named in order to specify them in Algernon commands. this feature is not currently supported, but will be added in the future.

Using a keyword (a symbol starting with the ':' character, e.g. :KB1) will help you to eliminate possible confusion with other commands.

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