Verifies that one frame is a direct instance of another, or returns all direct instances of a class.


The class.
Either a frame to be tested or a variable to be bound.
If the :INCLUSIVE keyword is present and the instance argument is a variable, the class will be included as one of the bindings of the variable.


  (:DIRECT-INSTANCE Canines ?canine)         ;; retrieves all direct instances of Canines
  (:DIRECT-INSTANCE Canines ?canine :INCLUSIVE) ;; retrieves Canines and all of its direct instances
  (:DIRECT-INSTANCE Physical_Objects Rover)  ;; succeeds if Rover is a direct instance of Physical_Objects
  (:DIRECT-INSTANCE Physical_Objects Rover ?rover)  ;; succeeds if Rover is a direct instance of Physical_Objects and binds a variable to Rover.

Success criteria

The class argument must be a class. If the clause is ground, succeeds if the relationship is true. If the clause is not ground, succeeds if it retrieves at least one direct-instance.

Failure criteria

Fails if the class is not a class, if the direct-instance relationship is not true, or if the parent has no direct-instances.



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